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The act of a guy and a girl going into a closet at their friend's house, in order to get away from the sounds of their other friends getting busy on the futon in the living room. The guy and the girl in the closet then get busy themselves.
Dude, we were closeting to get away from the sound of the two of them dry humping
by Cause of closeting October 09, 2010
A guy who is trying too hard to convince people he's straight when we all know he's a raging homosexual.
"Oh my god, Eric is sooo hot!"
"Becky, he is totally closeting."
by Floss It April 21, 2009
The act of realizing that a very young girl is either very sexy or will be so you will wait till they are legal to fuck them.
Tom: Did you see Sally today?
John: Yeah, to bad shes only 14!
Tom: Oh, dont worry about that I will be closeting her!
John: Oh Yeah!
by jack or jake September 11, 2007
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