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Getto word for show off. (Fiddy cent is not cool, this word is not cool, DO NOT USE THIS WORD)
yo yo dog, check mark over there thinkin he can stunt to get em ho's over to his crib
by L__101 February 15, 2007
to show off something or pull something wild
ill teach ya how to stunt, my rims stay shinin my bentley ridin on smoke grey twins
by kickak March 14, 2005
A person who isn't clean-shaven; has not shaved.
Person 1: Man, you haven't shaved in a
Person 2: Really?
Person 1: Dude, you are a real stunt.
by polesarenorthandsouth April 29, 2009
(adj.) Used to describe something utterly cool, awesome, or bomb.
Dude, did you see that?? It was so stunt!
by cory sexkellis June 13, 2007
To engage in an evening of severe drinking, gambling, womanizing, carrousing, drinking, shots, bar games, nudie bars, girl friends yelling...this means you (A-ROD), consumption of alcoholic beverages, driving, falling into lakes (Timbo), phone calls, booze, and waking up and exclaiming "What the hell happened last night?".
Party and Boozejammer pulled a huge stunt and ended up in Mexico again without passports or money, and are staring to sober up and are getting surly.
by The Prince of Party May 10, 2006
(1) To stunt or floss refers to when someone tries to show off. So when stunting - you are trying to impress and show all you got.
(2) To take a mean shit - we're talking a few courtesy flushes and aint nobody going near that bathroom for atleast two hours.
(1) "Say homie, we're trying to have a good time and here you come rollin' up in this bitch trying to stunt like you hot - whats the damn deal?"

(2) "Oh damn man, you don't want to go in there Jerrod was in there for an hour stunting and I could smell it from across the house. Trust me, dude - just go outside"
by N8THEGR8 February 01, 2006
1.to show off ya bling, cars, girls..wuteva

2.play it off, frontin
1.I was <u>stuntin</u> all my shoes to Tyrell

2.Girl don't <u>stunt</u>...u know u want dis
by Miss Jordan<3 November 24, 2005