A Canadian term for stupid, or for an act that is stupid.
Anybody that voted for the teaparty is stunned. You are stunned for being a teabagger.
by jamestiberiuskirk November 05, 2010
Top Definition
a saying in Newfoundland, Canada that means stupid
Johnny is so stunned that he cannot tie his own shoelaces without on his own. He's an idiot.
by fanboys of anything suck dick November 19, 2007
To give a girl an orgasm causing bodily convulsions. Similar to convulsions caused by a stun gun.
I screwed her so hard she was stunned!

Is she having a seizure? No, I just stunned that hoe!

She was stunned so hard, she started shaking!

OH MY GOD I'm having a seizure. Shut up hoe, you just stunned!
by DJ Lusar February 18, 2010
Completely drunk to the extent that senses are reduced or removed - giving the impression of the individual being phsically stunned and unable to move or communicate.
Andy has consumed a large amount of beer and cider. He was absolutely stunned!
by walsallcox August 30, 2009
Being afraid of someone or something.
You stunned nigga?

Joe was stunned he backed out of a fight.
by shortyyyy_ April 14, 2014
enthralled, shocked
Darren was stunned when he saw the wolves playing, and after he heard that vampires are sterile.
by chad'srockergrrrll October 23, 2015
Used in the workplace when customer service is overwhelmed by the many demands of their customers. Also used when co-workers would ask how the business day was when starting their shift.

The word takes after WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin and his finishing move the "Stone Cold Stunner" where he stuns his opponent with a crotch kick and then does a neck breaker over his shoulder when the opponent bends forward.
So Did You Guys Get Stunned Today? I Had A Feeling Because Monday Was A Holiday And The Kids Were Off Of School. Figured They Would Check Out Our New Video Games On Sale.
by Joe Stunner September 06, 2010
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