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when your stiffy is so raging and hard that it is painful.
I had so much stunch my wangdangler fell off.
by nutgraber69000 November 16, 2007
A super mega-hottie. A girl so beautiful you have to use a derogatory sounding word to make her beauty more dramatic.
Goddamn, look at that stunch, she's perfect.

Man she was more than a dime, this girl was a stunch.
by DesertDog April 20, 2010
n. - An idiot, a nincompoop, a stupid person

v. - to make a mass of things
You spilt coffee on Grandma, you stunch!

Grandma wants her coffee, but she doesn't want you to stunch things up!
by P. Mel. December 30, 2006
A general food time, that's not:
Tea Time

It is important that this meal of no meal contains two things: Odwalla Mango Tango, and a baguette. You can eat as is, or purchase something to put on the baguette. It's up to you how the meal is eaten, as long as the two main ingredients are there.

Last but not least, considering this is not a meal, it must be completely spontanious. Most likely while already in a grocery store.
Tom... Arlo... It's important right now that we eat stunch.
by eonOne July 19, 2006
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