A nickname given to Lindsay "Linz" McDougall, after her first time smoking weed. Because she couldn’t walk and kept "stumbling".
Did you hear from Stumbles today?
by Linz McDougall November 02, 2004
Top Definition
- walk unsteadily;
- miss a step and fall or nearly fall;
- lurch: an unsteady uneven gait
- encounter by chance
- make an error;
- trip: an unintentional but embarrassing blunder
- "The drunk man stumbled about"
- "She stumbled over the tree root"
- "I stumbled across a long-lost cousin last night in a restaurant"
- "She slipped up and revealed the name"
- "he recited the whole poem without a single trip";
by Gemini-May December 06, 2005
To walk in a drunken fashion, or to use the toolbar found at stumbleupon.com .. and the word found in definition #1 should read 'waste'.
Hobo Bob was bored, so he stumbled around for a while. On his Mac, cause he's a n00b. But then again, he was running Unix, so he must be cool.
by Dragonspirit1 July 22, 2005
A toolbar, a random search tool and an eclectic community. Yet another way the evil internet waists my time.
You want some weird shit, go stumble.
by Chewie February 27, 2005
A random online search tool that only fags use.
Casey: Hey I think you would like Stumble.

X: Nah, only fags use Stumble
by TheSaviG May 03, 2011
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