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Someone whom stumbles and fumbles around lol!
Steve from Late Night with Conan O'Brien is a stumblebum.
by peachygagirl September 27, 2008
Mechanic who haphazardly opperates on motor vehicles while drunk/eating paste. usually starts (drinking) at 6am.
Jughead and Tim are a couple of stumble bums.
by D.D.T. May 06, 2006
1. Someone who probably spends way too much time "stumbling" on the website Stumble Upon.

2. Someone who gets extreme, almost narcotic pleasure from searching the web randomly via a trained/custom program like Stumble Upon
3. Yo mama.
Sam is such a Stumblebum! I wish she'd quit junking up my Facebook wall with that weird $#*!
by Pi-Pie December 20, 2010