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Stupid and dumb.
You are so stumb!
by carlyissoawesome April 16, 2011
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the words stupid and dumb put together.....
you are such a stumb-ass
by n-o-r-a May 29, 2003
A mix of stupid and dumb
Sometimes you ask the stumbest questions!
by Keeem February 06, 2012
A combination of stupid and dumb. It implies both stupidity and being dumb in one easy to say word.
What a stumb idea that was!
by Double D. August 16, 2008
So stupid its dumb, stupid and dumb all rolled into one.
Dude, that guy was stumb, he gave me his phone number then told me he didn't have a phone.
by J2thaRadke March 03, 2015

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