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To not talk. To "stay stum".
As far as I can tell it derives from 19th century England/Australia, as read in Bryce Courtenay's 'The Potato Factory'
Hey thanks for staying stum about my involvement in that bank heist..
by Claire Robinson May 26, 2008
When someone makes no sense and they are not dumb they stum. (basically a Neck in a word form)
Friend: *walking in the middle of the street

ME: get on the road .

Other friend: That was stum. Are u serious, get on the road?
by The anonymous Dutchess April 23, 2016
When you fuck your girlfriend, cum in her mouth and take a shit it at the same time. You will end up with a room smelling like stinky cum. Thus, stum.
Mate, I fucked Rachel the other day but I really needed a shit, so when I came I couldn't help but shit myself too. Stum everywhere!
by MSlav July 13, 2012
Someone that hangs out in Starbucks all the time like they haven't got a regular home. A 'Starbuck's bum'.
Man, I wish that stum would stop hogging the power socket by the wall over there!
by Ray Price August 26, 2005
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