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n. person who is perceived as useless, stupid, or given more credit than he/she deserves -- usually a person in higher income or social prominence. See also, blowhard.

Entymology/usage: To call someone a "stuffed shirt" is of course, derogetory. The shirt is given more credit than the person wearing (or stuffing) it by the person wielding this insult. It is used widely in describing politicians or a loud-mouthed employer.
Everything was running fine in the office before the stuffed shirts from the consulting firm made useless changes that did nothing but create more work.
by Marc February 27, 2004
A wealthy, self-important, overly formal type; a fellow with a stick up his arse. A pompous ass.
"Have your heard? Cholmondely is in love with a horse!"
"Do tell! Is it a mare or a stallion?"
"Oh, a mare, of course. Nothing queer about Cholmondely!"
by octopod February 24, 2004
Outdated UK English slang for over-conventional and maybe pompous/old fashioned man
More modern equivalent = old fart.
He's a real stuffed shirt
by DJ February 25, 2004
1. A pompous jerk.
2. A politician.
"That stuffed shirt thinks his by-products smell like roses when in fact they do not."
by Renee February 25, 2004
A well turned out gentleman with the brains of a rocking-horse.
Although Hayden gave the impression of being a sophisticated man about town, he was in fact a complete stuffed shirt.
by Lee Farmie October 15, 2004
one who exudes the art of being completely anal retentive and overly organized; paying close attention to detail to the point of being painfully uptight.
Jordan's revenue figures for March were presented in typical stuffed shirt fashion; complete with a color coded chart. Yellow is projected, green is actual red indicates the project had been completed.

Jordan Gilbert is a stuffed shirt.
by mdg76 March 19, 2007
A pompous windbag, who may well look as if he strains to do up his shirt in the mornings.
A habitual bore or fuddy duddy.
You are reckoned a success,
And the public praise you win;
There's your picture in the Press,
Pouchy eyes and triple chin.
Wealth,--of it you fairly stink;
Health,--what does your Doctor think?

- From 'To A Stuffed Shirt' by Robert Service.
by Patchwork Sniper February 27, 2004
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