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A popularity contest; contrary to the widely accepted definition of an election, an election in high school is based solely on popularity. The losing contestant was probably offering a cure for AIDs, but the winner is on the football team and all the chicks love him.
--Dan: Hey, who are you voting for in the new election?
--Sarah: Jayme! He's such a dreamboat.
--Dan: Yeah me too! He's my bud!
--Tom: Whoa whoa whoa, why not Jack? He had some really good points that he made at the election, he didn't need a script and didn't murmur. I don't even remember what Jayme said!
--Dan: Dude, Jack isn't cool. At all.
--Sarah: And he's not as cute as Jayme.
--Tom: *sigh* Student elections.
by Akagama October 01, 2009
Any of the voting processes many of us were subjected to during high school in order to determine student government positions, including but not limited to president, vice-president, secretary, etc.

In reality, it is nothing more than a pointless, superficial contest to compare the degree of popularity, money (for bribing, etc.), asskissing ability of each candidate. Contrary to popular belief, the voted student government rarely improves the hazardous conditions of school we sought to escape, due to lack of ideas, time, and ironically political power.
1. Vote for *insert name here* as your president in the next student elections. Free ice-cream and Ipods guaranteed!

2. Cheerleader: Who are you voting for president in the
student election?
Jock: Lindsay...
Cheerleader: Why?
Jock: Promised a blowjob...
by SailantShadows July 10, 2008

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