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1 definition by Akagama

A popularity contest; contrary to the widely accepted definition of an election, an election in high school is based solely on popularity. The losing contestant was probably offering a cure for AIDs, but the winner is on the football team and all the chicks love him.
--Dan: Hey, who are you voting for in the new election?
--Sarah: Jayme! He's such a dreamboat.
--Dan: Yeah me too! He's my bud!
--Tom: Whoa whoa whoa, why not Jack? He had some really good points that he made at the election, he didn't need a script and didn't murmur. I don't even remember what Jayme said!
--Dan: Dude, Jack isn't cool. At all.
--Sarah: And he's not as cute as Jayme.
--Tom: *sigh* Student elections.
by Akagama October 01, 2009
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