an ambiguous term that can replace already existing song lyrics, refer to a sexual encounter, or any act deemed a Total Stubbs Move.
She got STUBBED last night or I want to Stubb her

Teach me how to Stubby
by Stubbs twins November 08, 2010
Top Definition
a seemingly innocent whore
rob: has emily ever been caught?
will: of course not, she's stubbs
by da sailor boi November 11, 2007
Common slang for extreme serial Cyber-Harassing, Cyber-Stalking, Basement Dwelling internet trolling behavior.

Origin of the term is really unknown but allegedly it has been rumored to be rooted in the last name of a guy that lives in his Mom's basement.

Allegedly "Stubbs" is / was an elusive and mythical middle aged, unemployed, overweight divorced man collecting disability living in his mom's house stinking up her couch.

It is rumored that the elusive and mythical "Stubbs", since he has so much time on his hands, has allegedly taken Cyber-harassment, Cyber-Stalking, Internet trolling and over-all creepy behavior to epic heights.

Allegedly "Stubbs" stamina for trolling and harassment is legendary and as the rumor goes has since caused his name to now be commonly associated with anything that is considered "extreme trolling", "extreme cyber-harassment" and extreme "Cyber-Stalking", or so the rumor goes.
Damn that crazy dude from the bar last night that I said no thank you to has tweeted at me 273 times in the past 7 hours, he is a total "Stubbs"

Some chick blocked me on facebook and twitter so I went all "Stubbs" on her ass for revenge.
by TrollHunterBob October 13, 2014
A exceptional person of Norwegian American descent, that likely grew up in the northern part of the United States (particularly the Dakotas or Washington).

A Stubb generally has an infectious sense of humor and is blessed with natural intelligence, to counteract their often oddly shaped bodies.
With that personality that the general disregard for the temperature, I'm guessing he must be a Stubb.
by Stumanji March 19, 2009
to fondle another man's genitalia vigorously
i gave that guy a stubbs last night
by marium webster December 11, 2007
Adj. Like a grateful dead bear

V. to get naked in an effort to be free, often inspired by sts9

V. To give naked hugs in an effort to spread the love of sts9
1) Oh, your dancin' like a stubbs!
2) Peoples makes me want to stubbs!
3) Let's go puddle jumpin' and stubbsing!
by sunshinemoondream February 02, 2009

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