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While spooning (a form of cuddling), the little spoon farts into the crotch of the big spoon, warming them both.
On cold winter nights, Methane Cuddles help me sleep.
by Stumanji January 24, 2012
A exceptional person of Norwegian American descent, that likely grew up in the northern part of the United States (particularly the Dakotas or Washington).

A Stubb generally has an infectious sense of humor and is blessed with natural intelligence, to counteract their often oddly shaped bodies.
With that personality that the general disregard for the temperature, I'm guessing he must be a Stubb.
by Stumanji March 19, 2009
Making fun of someone's hobbies or sports for a variety of reasons:

1) "Not a real sport"
2) "Not a man's sport"

3) "Too easy"

4) "Too immature"
Guy 1: "I got my co-ed softball tourney this weekend."

Guy 2: "Softball? Is your vagina the 2nd baseman? Play hardball, pussy."

Guy 1: "Dude, don't belittleleague softball. It's fun."
by Stumanji September 01, 2010
The reserve of sexual images or thoughts used for masturbation. Similar to a gas tank, but imaginary and naughty.
"Did you see that girl's tits?"
"Oh yeah! That's some definite fuel for the spanktank."
by Stumanji September 01, 2010
Shit that comes out of your asshole with the same speed and consistency of any aerosol spray.
I've got some mean spray shits today.
by Stumanji July 14, 2011
When a bisexual individual can't decide between taking home a man or a woman that evening.
Andrea is having a real bilemma here. Should she fuck Jason or Jessica?
by Stumanji November 05, 2012
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