if a persons forearm is halfway decapitated and can move the little part of arm that is still part of the forearm.
Ms. Wilson's stub rubbed against my arm.
#forearm #miss #against #arm #rubbed
by Austin Cooper September 07, 2008
Top Definition
a little dick.
If you like my stub now, you'll love it come winter baby.
by Ben November 25, 2003
In Wikipedia - a very short article giving only a basic definition and waiting to be expanded to a featured article.
This stub definition is a stub. You can help UrbanDictionary by expanding it.
#short #wikipedia #short article #small #article
by Ple ple July 23, 2008
Noun: one who is extremely rugged and worthy of admiration
Adjective: stubbish
Adverb: stubbishly
My friend Eric is such a stub! He plays the bass clarinet so stubbishly!
by Kruh October 25, 2003
A penis that is not of adequate size. It also may refer to a person that has a small penis. Also it may refer to goo who is stub.
Wow they saw goo's dick in the lockeroom and he has a major stub.
#stubby #stubby goo #stubb #stuby #stubygoo
by lamana March 30, 2006
A nick name for someone with large finger tips!!!!
Amelio: hey stubs!
Smellen aka stubs: hey hows it going?
#stubby #smellen #stuby fingers #fat fingers #fingers
by Ya mum is a hoe !!! October 29, 2005
A slang term for a cigarette
as in 'mate can you spot me a stub?'
#cigarette #fag #tab #cig #smoke
by Simon de montford May 30, 2009
The awsome, kick-ass, beer chuggin' buddy with a 1/2 an arm
Damn stub, did you lose your arm in a shark attack??
#stub #stubby #zach #stumpy #1/2 and 1/2
by Riggs85 May 20, 2009
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