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noun. An extremely attractive woman. Variations of this word include: strupplets (younger ladies), frupp (only attractive under the influence of a large amount of makeup, also:fake strupp) and senior strupps (older ladies). (can also appear in adjectival or adverbial form)

1. strupptology (the study of strupp)
2. strupptural design (the study and representation of strupp)
3. strupptoriography (the narrative presentation of strupp based on a critical examination, evaluation, and selection of material from primary and secondary sources and subject to scholarly criteria)
1. Andy: Did you see that strupp before?

James: Yes, she was a strupping young lady.

2. Andy: Wow, strupp.

James: Great call, she has copious amounts of strupp.

3. Bryant: Did you hook up last night?

Greg: Yeah sure did.

Bryant: Was she strupp?

Greg: Of course

4. Andy: Are you wearing a got strupp t-shirt?

James: Yup.

Andy: Niiiice....
by Strupptologist May 02, 2010
In theater, when an actor or actress forgets a line or lines, especially cue lines, and makes it look like it was someone else's fault. It usually occurs when the offending actor casually looks at one of the other actors onstage as though they are the ones who are supposed to be speaking. Usually it looks as though one of the other actors made a mistake, but sometimes the light or sound techs can be the victim.
Dude, you totally just got strupped!

That was the best strupp I have ever seen!

Poor actor, he sure did get strupped in that scene.
by qcpuckhead November 18, 2010
Raging angry German bloke
by Santaclauseee June 16, 2009
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