Noun: a person or creature that is having a difficult time in executing a task.
Jane: Look at Joe over there. He sure is having a hard time compiling a Linux Kernel.
John: What a strugglebuggy.

John: Look at the dung beetle trying to push that shit up a hill. It keeps rolling down.
Jane: Sure is a strugglebuggy.
by hgf921 August 15, 2007
Top Definition
1920's slang for the back seat of a car. More specifically in reference to its use for romantic liaisons.
Hey toots, you wanna go park out at lover's lane and take a ride in the struggle buggy?
by CrescentCityKat June 15, 2010
a windowless vehicle, in which one attempts to get some rape action. synonym for rape van
brah, finna score dat involuntary bop in mai struggle buggy
by DJ BJ REPPIN SF January 14, 2012
a backpack on wheels, complete with retractable handle.
I saw Adam today in the Union rolling his struggle buggy. What a fag. High five Barry!
by wayne and shirley August 09, 2007
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