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to hit/rub a persons face with your/a penis in a none sexual way

when a female goes to stroup someone but remembers they dont have a stroup
"I just strouped your pint haha"
by chris69er October 06, 2006
A surname of Dutch origin meaning "Raider" or "Pirate" literally translated, "to Flay". This also describes a sexual position in which the female lies on her side with her top leg raised, while the male straddles her bottom leg and inserts the hardened male organ, hits the spot everytime.
Joe Stroup favorite position is coincidentally his namesake
by CamelJoe March 01, 2010
An aloof person with the distant personality of Snoopy.
Is he paying attention to me, or is he flying his doghouse again? He's definitely a Stroup.
by PastorofMuppets June 23, 2015
Noun. Scottish term for the penis.
Also the act of using ones stroup.
I gave her a good strouping last night.
by Siii May 24, 2005
1. (v) to stroke one's (or another's) taint or gooch area, forms of sexual touching
2. (n) the act of being a pedophile

Other forms: (n) stroupage; (n/adj) strouped
Collin, your sister is so hot. (Strouped!)
by strouped January 07, 2008
A name givin to a person who just stare off to the distance thinking of porn and smoking weed
Kid 1: what the fuck is bill doing
Kid 2: he is a stoup
Bill : *smiling*
Kid 2: Nasty
by jim jierson March 24, 2005
adjective; 1. a complete tool, a faggot 2. cheese like with no friends 4. one who likes penis and/or sucking on saxophones
"Dude, that test was so stroup."
"Wow mom, you pizza was very stroup!"
by Matt Dranzik October 16, 2007
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