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when you strain so hard to poop that you almost faint when you do.
"man, i just had a massive stroop, it was painful!"
by sir mister August 07, 2009
5 3
A penis, comes from the Scottish fishing town of Peterhead (Peterheed/ the heed)
Hey guys check mi stroop!
by Colz October 25, 2006
28 5
1. The opposite of "slick" or "smooth".

2. To constantly mess up or to have no "skillz".
Damn!, you be stroopin' dawg!
by xsilentxherox July 03, 2005
23 8
Severe poops caused by severe stress
My day was so stressful at my crappy job, I came home and had a case of the stroops.
by old thing June 09, 2010
0 0
A sloppy, poor, white trash, undereducated, inbred being from the wrong side of the tracks.
"Dude, where did you get that jacket? Dang, you look like a stroops!"
by Pam T. January 26, 2008
2 3