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Adjective: 1) Possessing tremendous amounts of strength, especially with regards to one's dick. Can also be used in place of adjectives such as "sick" and "baller" as a means of praise.

2) The opposite of "weakdick" (i.e. hot is to cold as strongdick warrior is to weakdick bastard)

Verb: to dominate and/or completely destroy (physically, mentally, spiritually, religiously, argumentatively, verbally, or in any other manner)
"Man, that last game was strongdick like some shit."

Genghis Khan was a strongdick warrior.

If one were to be listed under the wikipedia page "physical strength," one would be a strongdick warrior. Conversely, if one were to have their name removed from the aformentioned page, one would be considered a "weakdick" bastard.

"I just strongdicked that exam, probably got 110%"
by strongdickwarrior January 11, 2011
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