it is a condition occurring when a stripper has been working a long shift and perhaps did not totally 'clean up' after a bathroom break. some feces particles remain 'caked' around the anus of the stripper and become cast off or shed when certain maneuvers are performed to extract a folded up $1 from a lucky patron's mouth while lying on stage.
(patron gets off stage)Friend: Damn, you been eating a fudgesicle?

Patron: Nah, i guess she had stripper ass.
by CakeMaster April 02, 2012
Top Definition
While doing various overhead workouts, you must stick your ass out in an exaggerated matter. Often, you imagine an imaginary pole behind you - and you must get your butt to reach that pole.
"While doing overhead squats, coach kept yelling at me to stick out my stripper ass.."
by Bands Can Make Her Dance October 12, 2012
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