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The act of merry making with one or more humans of the homosexual male variety, ending with an act of fellatio.
I went out for a mates birthday back home and pulled a complete stride over this guy's face.
by ALK92 April 02, 2014
Following a long weekend of being down on your luck, scoring with a chick you just met by poking her in the butt and nutting on her face.
After dropping a grand at the poker tables, Eric's weekend wasn't a total loss as he ended it by pulling a stride.
by Lukmania November 30, 2007
barbie doll personality always thinking shes the best but really she is not she is pumpin up lipgloss and has hair sticking to it. Likes the older man often ugly and a skank usual can only get immature younger boys.
omg shes such a stride.

what a barbie doll should be called.

by davidie November 30, 2006