Sweet Green Bacon i.e bacon that is sweet and green. Green bacon is a term used for "uncured bacon" however, strickles also denotes bacon that has food coloring added by the consumer or manufacturer.
"could i please have strickles with my eggs?

"Strickles is sweet green bacon"
by lissie/cacia January 08, 2008
Top Definition
half stroke,and half tickle
"what was that? It felt well nice?"

"it was a strickle."
by Alby and kath July 25, 2008
Strips of Sweet Green Bacon. Singular (Strickle)
I would like a Strickles, Eggs and Cheese Buscuit for Breakfast However, They are Strickly for Lunch.
by slissie/Cacia December 25, 2007
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