The action of ejecting liquid substance from the body.
I just stribled all over your hands.
by running with sack April 25, 2011
Top Definition
Whatever storm life brings you, you aren't afraid to deal with it head on. You know you can get through anything, and your strength draws in other people that want protection and a sense of security. You are a great leader, and people admire your stability and confidenc...e. Instead of letting your emotions get out of control, you think logically and find solutions to any problems you face. You don't let people's opinions affect you, and you take criticism with a grain of salt. You stand up for what's right, and you don't give in to what you know will bring you down.
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As the sun broke through the clouds, we saw a man standing in front of us. There was no fear in this man's eyes. Who are you we asked? And with a deep comforting voice he said, "I am Stribles."
by stribles February 03, 2010
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