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A respelling of the word "LOBSTER" in the Quicktime video, "Pistachio Pudding Makes Me Feel Sick". It is fictional and had no real definition.
As seen in "Pistachio Pudding Makes Me Feel Sick":
by Strebloman22 October 15, 2006
A funny little Quicktime movie.
A respeling or LOBSTER
by rollonet August 22, 2004
the alternate spelling of 'lobster'.

Came from a movie by Rob Taylor called 'pistachio pudding', which can be seen in the website ''
"That's when it hit me: Lobster... lobster... L-O-B-S-T-E-R Lobster, yes, but also... Streblo... or, STREBLO!"
by Phoenixwildfire January 01, 2006
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