to fuck a woman while shes mensturating (having a period)
hey fuckface
have you had a strawberry swirly
no but i have had a strawberry
you are so twatiotic
i know
by Jackroll April 03, 2006
Top Definition
its when you blow your load on a chicks face, then punch her in the nose and when the blood runs, u smir the blood/cum together, creating the "final effect"
dude! once i splurged on her face i finished with the strawberry swirly!
by Stouzey June 27, 2004
Sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman.
Cherie was riding the cotton pony, but Tony was so desperate for a bunk up he asked her if he could have a strawberry swirly.
by Dunky Oggins December 05, 2003
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