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Strawberry kisses are menstrually-enhanced cunnilingus. Not really appropriate for a 14-year old Nikki Webster to be singing about...
I've been missing your strawberry kisses
by dannii March 09, 2004
when a guy is eating out a girl when she is having her period]
Its going to be different tonight baby, (its that time of the month again) its gunna be a strawberry kiss
by Tayla November 16, 2005
Ok Obviously none of you know what a strawberry kiss is according to the gay defenition that was put!
~when a guy eats a girl while she is on her period~
Guy: Lets mess around baby
Girl: it might be a lil differnt tonite...this time it will be a strawberry kiss
by allmighty March 12, 2003
A woman receiving oral sex during a visit from Auntie Flow.
"My girlfriend had her period, so i gave her strawberry kisses"
"Dude, thats off"
by giulai_ December 14, 2009
Several kisses from a women wearing red lipstick. Sweet kisses.
I gave Ken strawberry kisses.
by T!nk November 21, 2013
A kiss from a women wearing red lipstick.
I gave Ken a strawberry kiss.
by T!nk November 21, 2013
When a girl is giving you road head and you slam on the brakes. When her face hits the wheel or dashboard thats a strawberry kiss
My girl was going down on me and a truck pulled out in front of us. She got a strawberry kiss
by PIPES February 16, 2004