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A straw hat is a brimmed hat that is woven out of straw or reeds.

People who wear straw hats do so to let it be known 'all the fucks they give', If one was to add up all those fucks; the total fucks given would be zero.

The wearing of the straw hat is a statement to a judgemental world. That statement is 'Look at all the fucks I give'.

If the wearer is worthy, it can be said the straw hat is wearing him/her
“I’m wearing a straw hat; does it look like I give two fucks?”

Person 1,”Look at that guy wearing a straw hat; he clearly gives no fucks.”
Person 2, “Noman, he's one of the chosen few; the straw hat is wearing him”
by Whatistobeastrawhatman September 24, 2011
Boss or person in charge.
Who's the straw hat on this job?

Don't listen to him -- I'm the straw hat on this job!
by Coach_Anderson February 06, 2010
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