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A nigga who is given a low paying job and low ranking position but in some way feels he has some authority.
That Straw Boss ain't lettin us in the building man. He ain't nothing but a minimum wage rent a cop security guard.
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An overbearing, micro-managing boss who enjoys and even gets off on his ability to control others. He or she often barks commands and frequently lets others know that he or she is in control.
Bill: "What's up your ass?"

John: "I'm just tired of my fucking strawboss always making me look like a peon infront of everyone else."

Bill: "Sounds like you got strawbossed again."
by Blake Robinson May 25, 2008
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a worker who serves as a supervisor of other workers
If you don't want to be a straw boss than get a different job.
by The Return of Light Joker February 19, 2009
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