Of or pertaining to a gay male or heterosexual female that endlessly chews on their drink's straw while spewing lame dicussion that bores those around them. Often these people are found against walls or under spotlights posing for their "adoring public." See also: Fagadactyl
Eddie was a complete straw chewer as he mawed away on his plastic hose chatting endlessly about Britney Spears.
by Zack Bunker December 03, 2007
Top Definition
A drunken, effeminate gay male found in gay establishments/
bars, prone to chewing on cheap straws included in their cocktails. Will often chew on straw as they're cattily remarking on other patrons. The straw acts
as a defense mechanism to convey innocence or coyness. Straw can also be used to draw attention to one's mouth, emulating the act of fellatio.
Bryce caught wind that the strawchewer Barney was making fun of his shoes. He was wrong, however, as Barney chewed his straw out of lust for Bryce.
by mark Cuadrado October 26, 2007
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