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A cool teacher, known for letting people in late and yelling at kevin.
"Guys...guys? guys guys guys? Guyyyyyyysss...."


"gimme a Z enter E enter"
by El Barto March 25, 2004
A pompous asshole, usually found sitting in his chair and bossing people around.
"Escape, escaoe escape escape.."
"Gimme a z-enter e-enter"
by Captain pwn@ge March 23, 2004
A round little asshole who doesn't do anything for you, but wants you to do everything for him. He also will give your starburst away without your permission.
Ryan: "Why is grade 9 the only year stravato doesn't teach?"
Mike: "I dunno"
Ryan: "Cause that's the only year you learn anything!! SNAP!"
by Mike Somename November 19, 2004
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