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totally awesome
dude that guy is strauss
by Jamesbond31 September 04, 2008
1. The last name of the family that can totally PWN yours in anything. Yes, anything. Oppose them and you shall be severly slapped.

2. To be PWNED by someone clearly superior than you.
Mario Strauss'd Sonic at Super Smash Brothers continuously... obviously!
by Silver Pudding June 14, 2009
Technically, either Johann Strauss the Waltz King or Richard Strauss, the more serious composer who wrote tone poems and operas. Among real musicians, though, 'Strauss' almost invariably refers to Richard Strauss. You are a total noob if you think music festivals and professional orchestras program silly waltzes all the time when you see Strauss in their repertoire.
"Hey, wanna come to my concert tonight? The conductor's amazing, and we're playing Strauss."

"Uhh...I don't know if I care to hear Emperor Waltz or the Blue Danube again."

"Aww come on- we're talking 'Death and Transfiguration' here!"
by spinningtabletop January 15, 2009
nice, sexy German last name for an attractive woman
Beginning with "s" and ending with a "double s" gives Strauss a very sexy spelling. Having the last name Strauss can enhance an attractive woman's sexyness.
by Mr. 911 December 12, 2008