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For a girl to have big breasts, For a guy to have a big dick, For a girl to be wearing a dildo belt, For someone to be carrying a weapon.
That girl was strapped
by White Cracker June 26, 2007
A short way of saying bound and tied up, normally for sexual pleasure.
I met a woman in the bar last night and she said she wanted to be strapped - so of course I readily complied with her wishes.
by Panchoman Jr. November 09, 2006
Owned, pretty damn BADLY.
We got hella strapped at last night's football game. It was a horrible sight.
by undagr0undv1bes September 29, 2007
When a club is too full and you have to go somewhere else.
Last week I went to The Chalet and it was strapped with people so me and Glenda went to a house party in Echo Park instead.
by 12th St. May 02, 2006
Strapped into a ride
Get ready your being strapped in you asshat wearin' wigger
by Googliano February 19, 2004