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A dildo that is used by women. It has a device so it can be "straped" on. Mainly used for lesbian sex. Sweet...
Trixy put on a strap on and started to fuck the hell out of Sally. I have it on tape!! :)
by w00t master January 26, 2003
a dildo and a harness around the waist, thigh, or groin to wear it on. Used for pegging or straight-style lesbian sex.
My girlfriend pulled out a strap-on, I told her "no way! I am strictly a pussy chick!".
by annonymous July 12, 2004
A dildo attached to a belt. Usually worn tied around the waist. Originally used to penetrate vaginally or anally a woman by another woman or a man. However recently it is mostly used by women to anally fuck a man, to inflict humiliation in the man and empowerment in the woman. A popular practice is a woman fucking a man with a strapon, and then made him suck it, for a typical ass-to-mouth session.
When he saw her fastening her strapon around her waist, he knew she was gonna fuck him real hard tonight!
by secretcrush82 December 15, 2008
A dildo that has a belt. Usually used by a woman to pork another woman. See "pork"
She used the strapon to pork her little sister's pinklovehole.
by hggloub April 22, 2003
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