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An adjective describing the appeal of a nasty, disgusting, drunk, dirty, stinky serial killer such as Cleveland's own Anthony Sowell. A total douchebag who allegedly raped, murdered, and mutilated more than a dozen women in a crime spree that continued for more than two years after his neighbors reported the odor of rotting corpses coming from his house to the police department.
Anthony Sowell (sipping on a St. Ides 40, speaking from a 2 inch crack in the door): "Hey there Mr. Detective, that nasty smell isn't coming from my apartment! It's coming from the sausage factory across the street!"

Mr. Detective: "Oh, thanks for the clarification Mr. Sowell. You are too stranglicious to be our unsub!"
by Drs. Heather and McNamara June 16, 2011
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