When a person is having a rough day, or recieves bad news, and is stuck in a public venue without some way of releasing there emotions, leading to an explosion of anger against a complete stranger doing something minimal, or thoughts of doing so.
Dude at the fair I had such a case of stranger anger, Joe called me with the cast list, I was so pissed about the parts I wanted to punch the guy smoking in front of me.

Unfortunate Stranger: Where's the bathroom?
Guy: Are you serious?! The signs right there you dumbass, or can't you read!
Girl: Wow stranger anger much
Guy: Sorry I've had a really rough day.

(to the Stranger) Sorry sir.
by actress_32 July 03, 2009
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Top Definition
Someone who marches to the tune of their own sequin-clad boot-wearing star-wars-lovin drummer. These are people who "own" their oddities with no qualms whatsoever.
I wish my cubicle wasn't right next to Marky's. He's always showing me pictures of his cats dressed up like different characters from Stargate SG-I, and feels the need to tell me whether it's #1 or #2 every time he gets up to go to the bathroom. He usually wears a silver vest with black jeans and keds. He's a strange ranger!
by AnnaBananna July 17, 2006

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