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2 definitions by AnnaBananna

(n)Any unidentified and undesirable substance, often crusted onto something you'd otherwise like to wear or sit on. Often found on second (or third or fourth) hand couches or thrift store finds.

(v)When someone screws something up, often in a half-assed manner.
Hey, man, I like your new jean-jacket, but what's that gunk on the sleeve?

When I passed out on my friend's couch after the party, I woke up to find my drool had coagulated with some gunk on the cushion.

Todd was supposed to mail the rent, but he gunked it, now we have a late fee. Way, to go, TODD!

by AnnaBananna July 17, 2006
Someone who marches to the tune of their own sequin-clad boot-wearing star-wars-lovin drummer. These are people who "own" their oddities with no qualms whatsoever.
I wish my cubicle wasn't right next to Marky's. He's always showing me pictures of his cats dressed up like different characters from Stargate SG-I, and feels the need to tell me whether it's #1 or #2 every time he gets up to go to the bathroom. He usually wears a silver vest with black jeans and keds. He's a strange ranger!
by AnnaBananna July 17, 2006