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a word to define a young man over the age of twenty-one who has yet to experience sexual intercourse and/or financial prosperity;
No one will have sex with eric because he is such a strang.
by Knot Important April 14, 2006
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a yellow polo; one of which attracts hoards of gay men, particularly in South Beach
Wow, that is a really form-fitting Strang you're wearing
by June 21, 2009
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A new and often fatal drug made by inhaling the propellant used in cans of silly string.
"Try that strang, man."
"Wanna get strung out on strang after school?"
by Miruki October 27, 2008
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The art of giving a woman a 'Strang' involves ejaculating on a woman's face and it dripping round her top lip to look like a moustache.
Guy: I'm giving you the Strang tonight
Girl: Fine, just don't get it in my hair.
by dirtymagick March 19, 2013
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