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Straight is another name for crack right after it leaves the pot that it was cooked in. It can also be used as a verb.
"Straight drop that 8-ball."
by alttab September 15, 2006
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Very top quality Crack cocaine. Will not break if it is dropped from 6 ft. On a tile floor or thrown against a wall.
I just finished whipping up some straight drop, nigga.

"Man you got any good shit?"
"I got str8 drop nigga, 30 fo a dub."
by PhatD850 November 11, 2014
When you are real serious about what your saying.
Im bout to beat his ass Straight Drop.
by Jaay Locc July 21, 2010
Very good cocaine dat only takes 1 hit to get high
Young Jeezy"watz dat shit dat u cookin up straight drop nigga"
by lilspeedy1227 September 01, 2006

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