The old way of saying straight to dvd.
Anyone who still says this is usually made fun of for being stuck in 1997, or whatever year it was dvd players came out.
by Kung-fu Jesus August 15, 2004
Top Definition
The act of bypassing any means of conventional intercourse or foreplay and going straight to anal intercourse.
Did you hear that Jeff went straight to video on that girl he met at the bar last night?
by djfromtj September 25, 2007
A joke that doesn't get a laugh, or any other form of 'popularity deficit'
"I was round at Niall's house the other day and told that one about the priest with HIV. He was pretty pissed off"

"Dude don't you know he's got bad AIDS he's a Cathlolic?!"

"No Shit?!! No wonder it went straight to video"
by CheShA March 02, 2005
Diarrhoea occurring very soon after eating.
John had to rush to the toilet before his kebab went straight to video.
by rycycles July 12, 2008
anything that sucks, be it a joke, clothing, anything really
"yo yo check my new gear mofo"

"dude those kicks is last years Kmart special, your gear is straight to video biatch."
by Jimbo80 June 05, 2005
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