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Fresh without a doubt. Unquestionable ballin. Just plain awesome.
Dude your whole outfit matches. You are so straight thuggin right now.
by Straight ballin May 17, 2009
The stepchild of the high five, the "straight thuggin" is used by two individuals who both feel that a moment is so crucial, that it must be celebrated with a physical exchange between said individuals. To perform a "straight thuggin" one must have one's arm fully extended, also make sure you wrist is limp. While keeping eye contact with the other party, very gently, with as little effort as possible move your knuckles, which should be dangling towards the ground, against the others knuckles. Its very important that you only move your arm, not your wrist. Otherwise you have failed to complete the "straight thuggin".
Homie 1: Yo thats a sick drawing.
Homie 2: Thanks man
Homie 1: straight thuggin man!
*Both exchange the "straight thuggin"*
by Whatplannet September 15, 2014
The act of getting shot/killed while the Yellow/Red flag is being pulled down by gravity after being thrown by the accuser.
He was straight thuggin'. What a shame.
by Jritt January 25, 2010
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