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Akin to siùrsach: a whore, a strumpet, a harlot.
Tha Paris Hilton 'na siùrsach, 'na strìopach ghòrach, ach th' Ann Coulter 'na strìopach nas motha; 's e leodag na Galla a th'innte... ach bheir i ainm droch ris na siùrsaichean is na leodagan; 's e foinne, guirean a th'innte.

(Paris Hilton is a tart, a stupid whore, but Ann Coulter is a bigger whore; it's a fucking slut that she is... but she gives a bad name to the whores and sluts; it's a wart that she is, a pimple.)
by Lorelili March 31, 2006
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