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the elder's scrolls' version of a nazi
they are tall brutish characters that are mainly of the race called Nords generally blonde hair. they remind you of the Scottish with their facial features.
they disapprove of every other race, by saying that Skyrim is for the Nords alone. If you are a Stormcloak, you are often a shitface Nazi prick who has no respect for anyone else. Just because you're going to Asgaard doesn't mean that you're better than everyone else you broad-shouldered insensitive asshole. I hope you get eaten by a dragon and shit out in a diarrhea storm of death you frosted fucks.
the imperials are racist too but they are more of a prick that a genocidal race
I'm an Imperial, so I am not allowed near Stormcloak territory because I'm apparently the spawn of the fucking devil. I hate everything about them..... Fucking Nazis....
by CreepyCuddlers92 November 29, 2011
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