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Well-educated meteorologists who drive around the central united states searching for tornadoes to learn more and more about them. Not some crazy oklahomens who drive in 4x4's and jabber on with each other thorugh CB radios, just like everyone besides Jo and Bill in Twister. Here's some good advice, don't go chasing tornadoes unless your prepared, or better yet, play it safe and don't go at all!
- Warren Faidley, The world's first professional storm chaser.
by Cole Earnhart November 05, 2006
A person who seeks relationships that are in constant turmoil
Dont hook up with Amy, she's a total storm chaser.
by Nora A stilrag May 23, 2016
The Minor League Baseball team located in Omaha, Nebraska. The Storm Chasers are the Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.
The Omaha Storm Chasers defeated the Memphis Redbirds last night at Werner Park.
by omaha baseball fan November 18, 2010
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