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When gusty winds and random tumbleweeds swiftly roll by your feet, you know its time for a mortifying storm!
Hey Megan, did you hear on the news that there's a storm a-brewin'?
by John Valencia May 24, 2006
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The phrase used by a girl to warn someone of her impending PMS.
Oh shit, I can feel a storm-a-brewin down south. This isn't going to be pleasant.
by Deadinlivingform May 27, 2011
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the time between eating and having terrible, almost lethal gas
After his eighth bowl of chili with extra mayonaise, Jack knew that there was a storm a-brewin', something that Gartek, PstaKng, Stiltz, and Papa would not be looking forward to. In fact, he was too rude girl. 2-rood.
by Stiltzkin December 19, 2003
15 22