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A term for a super awesome girl, who is super awesome. This girl is awesome because she is super hot and has super powers, including (but not limited to) flying, levitation, x-ray vision, and ESP.
There are two personality types a "stootbandicoot" can have. These personality types correspond to a game that the "stootbandicoot" owns at. This game is Crashbandicoot (how predictable).
Personality Types:
1. Crash - intelligent, strong, can use spin attack, high jumper, can slide attack, belly flop, loves Wumpa Fruit
2. Coco - genius, always on the laptop or operating a viechle, good at hacking, loves Karate movies, can create a shockwave by stomping her feet
That super awesome hot girl just flew and jumped and when she landed, she generated a shockwave. That stootbandicoot is a coco. However, I heard she also loves Wumpa fruit. Thus she must be a crash-coco hybrid. I want her in my pants. Uh-oh, she's probably reading my mind RIGHT NOW, cuz she has ESP.
by stootbandicoot October 13, 2007
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