Fucking awesome
Oh my fucking god! Did you see that girl's stonking great tits?!
by urbanrodeo October 04, 2008
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British colloquial: Impressive, wonderful
According to Metro the Pet Shop Boy's musical "Closer to Heaven" was "Stonking! 4 stars!"
by Kaworu April 12, 2005
had a stonking time
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
ive got a stonking headache
by devilboy December 03, 2004
massively awesome, grandly great. not often used, not many things are hells-yeah enough to call for it.
R.Crumb girls (long haired, big legged, and pumpkin-assed), 63 Cadillacs, Led Zeppelin: where those overlap, that is the world of "stonking": one of my favorite words.
by schnoidl October 08, 2011
(UK) very sexually attractive (usually of girl)
That Brenda is fuckin' stonking
by Attilla the Hump June 13, 2003
Being completely wasted.
Fuck me I'm hungover. I was stonking last night.
by stonking January 05, 2010

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