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Attractive young female from Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union.

Originally used on the TV Show "The Mary Whitehouse Experience", where the Eastern European magician who does not know much English refers to his lovely assistant as 'Token Stonkina'.
the coffee shop is almost exclusively run by hot stonkinas.
by Chris Stiles May 17, 2007
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Actually from a little remembered sketch show called 'Up To Something', not 'The Mary Whitehouse Experience'.

She was the assistant of David Schneider's useless magician called (I think) Mr Zero Talent. Token Stonkina was played by Frances Dodge, also of CITV show 'Ghost Train' and had fantastic legs.

It refers to any eastern European lady who could help you create magic.
Maria Sharapova is a stonkina.
by Gulftastic August 15, 2011

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