To feel bloatedly full, primarily with food.
After I stuffed my face, I lay on the floor, stonkered.

by xezi October 06, 2005
Top Definition
To be severely affected by alcohol. Usually accompanied by loss of co-ordination, slurred speech and dishevelled appearance.
e.g. "I was so stonkered last night that I vomited on your cat."

e.g. "That guy's too stonkered to care that he just fell into the urinal."
by JT and TJ October 04, 2006
Past tense of 'to stonker'. Meaning to destroy someone during sexual intercourse leaving them unable to walk.
"Y'know Adam? Well, he was upstairs with Jennifer last night and he absolutely stonkered her!"
by BuffaloJoe1 May 12, 2015
To be stoned. Under the influence of Marijuana. THC poisoning, if you will.
"far out Matty, we're well stonkered"
"you know it Johnno."
by bst September 12, 2005
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