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At McDonalds, order a double cheese burger and a spicy mc-chicken. Then split the double cheesburger in the middle so that you have a bun and burger on each side. Place the entire mc-chicken inside the double cheeseburger, bun and all. Put it back together and chow down, elimatating your munchies!
Stoner: "Gotta get to miccy d's and get a stoner burger... I got mad munchies!"
by KalvinD November 01, 2007
a stoner burger is a mcdonald's double cheeseburger with the innards of a hot and spicy mcchicken inside it. don't use the buns from the mcchicken... it makes it too bready.
"what's for dinner?"
"i dunno.... let's just get some stoner burgers."
by miyukichan September 25, 2009