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grammatically incorrect version of stolen
"Yeah, their lives were stole". - Kelly Rowland
by Karen Stickney December 16, 2006
14 41
To punch someone in the face
I stole him after when he started talking trash about mi mama.
by Jazz December 27, 2002
300 45
to attack (usually by punching) someone, usually without warning.

See snuck.
That chick was talking shit about me so I went and stole on her ass.
by jigganig June 06, 2009
61 13
Punched hard, in the face mostly.
Ooh, man, I heard Derwin stole him and now he got a black eye!
by LOVELYON3 January 29, 2010
20 13
To take another person's property without permission or legal right and without intending to return it
I stole that from the dictionary.
by Colonel Withers April 06, 2013
2 2
taking something cool you like from somebody else, hoping they're insured.
Nerd 1: You stole my pocket protector!
Nerd 2: You stole my virginity!
by Mike Hawk is large 'n veiny January 17, 2012
5 7
Past tense of steal.
He stole my bicycle!
by ChoujinkiMetalder February 14, 2005
43 84